Original 90W Toshiba P000568440 Charger Adapter Power Cord 19V 4.74A

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  • Input:100-240V / 50-60Hz
  • Voltage-Electric current-Output Power: 19V-4.74A-90W
  • Plug Type: 5.5mm / 2.5mm no Pin
  • Color: Black
  • Condition: New, Original
  • Warranty: Full 12 Months Warranty and 30 Days Money Back
Package includes:
  • 1 x Toshiba Charger
  • 1 x US-PLUG Cable(or fit your country)
Compatible Model:
  • PSK3E Toshiba, K000019190 Toshiba, A000030260 Toshiba, A000030280 Toshiba, A000030250 Toshiba, A000048150 Toshiba, A000030270 Toshiba, A000041430 Toshiba, A000048160 Toshiba, A000048140 Toshiba, A000048170 Toshiba, K000076420 Toshiba, A000053960 Toshiba, K000076400 Toshiba, P000508080 Toshiba, K000045160 Toshiba, P000506340 Toshiba, K000045190 Toshiba, K000076410 Toshiba, K000045170 Toshiba, K000076430 Toshiba, K000066460 Toshiba, P000538820 Toshiba, K000060890 Toshiba, P000538830 Toshiba, K000045180 Toshiba, P000522390 Toshiba, P000536680 Toshiba, P000533950 Toshiba, P000556600 Toshiba, P000568430 Toshiba, P000556640 Toshiba, P000568450 Toshiba, PA3516U-1ACA Toshiba, P000556610 Toshiba, P000568470 Toshiba, PA3716E-1AC3 Toshiba, P000568480 Toshiba, P000605050 Toshiba, PA3716U-1ACA Toshiba, P000556630 Toshiba, P000605030 Toshiba, PA3663U-1MPC Toshiba, P000568440 Toshiba, P000605040 Toshiba, PA5035E-1ACA Toshiba, P000568460 Toshiba, P000573300 Toshiba, PA5115E-1AC3 Toshiba, P00057329 Toshiba, P000605060 Toshiba, PA5180E-1AC3 Toshiba, P000573290 Toshiba, P000697450 Toshiba, PA3716E-1ACA Toshiba, PA3516E-1AC3 Toshiba, PA5035U-1ACA Toshiba, V000101010 Toshiba, R200623EU0 Toshiba, V000101030 Toshiba, V000121080 Toshiba, V000121090 Toshiba, V000180750 Toshiba, G71C000HB210 Toshiba, V000101000 Toshiba, V000121060 Toshiba, PA5180E-1ACA Toshiba, V000121070 Toshiba, V000180720 Toshiba, V000101020 Toshiba, V000180740 Toshiba,
Stephen Hall 07/10/2019

Good price for a quality charger. Perfect

Steve Barlow 18/09/2019

Better than the original. 

Alex Hall 18/09/2019

Perfect fit. Made better than the first one.

Tania Campbell 07/08/2019

Great value and it’s authentic

Jackie Hamilton 24/07/2019

Quick delivery. Works well so far

Darley Fay 09/07/2019

Charges my computer, absolutely fine … Does everything I could ever hope

Daniel Lee 12/06/2019

It works and charges my laptop fast. It arrived on time and was totally worth the price.

Patrick Williams 03/06/2019

Works great. Fast delivery. Will order again. Thanks.

Phil Peluso 16/05/2019

Is identical to the original one that came with my Laptop ... works great, no complaints.

Dawn McDowell 16/05/2019

Perfect replacement...exactly as described and works like a charm.

Araceli Rivera 09/05/2019

Works perfectly w/my model number.
Fast charge in my opinion..the laptop powered on right away and I was able to get back to work.

Adam Dunham 24/04/2019

It’s better than I expected! Works perfectly.

Donald Raines 08/04/2019

Thank you!!! Works better than original one EVER did. (original was problematic from day one).Not a single issue with this one. Thanks!

Phoebe Corcoran 28/03/2019

Original equipment and at less than expected. Bravo.

Carl Makela 19/03/2019

Just perfect! Dont have a second thought.. get it right away

David Hooper 06/03/2019

Very happy with purchase. The price was much less than I expected. Original quailty

James D Reed 04/03/2019

Arrived ahead of schedule. All in all a GREAT deal!!!

Scott Jones 19/02/2019

It charges my computer rapidly. I use it as a travel charger so I don't have to crawl under my desk to unplug my main charger. Folds up neatly in my briefcase.

Gordon Koebler 08/02/2019

Great job! It charges fast and hasn't been broken by my dog yet!

Marco Ponce 30/01/2019

Absolutely perfect. I couldn't be happier with this purchase and highly recommend it

Omar Guzman 07/01/2019

Works perfectly. Super fast shipping

Dennis Porter 07/01/2019

Great service, reliable seller. Would buy from this seller again!

Kirby Jones 04/01/2019

Excellent. It is exactly just like the original one.

Ryan Robinson 27/12/2018

Perfect match to what I needed.

Tensley McLendon 10/12/2018

Product was exactly what I ordered and a quality product much cheaper than elsewhere.

Gabriel Carvajal 04/12/2018

Excellent quality no complaints

Jacob Sterling 26/11/2018

The product is as promised, it works great.

Nover Bailey 05/11/2018

It came as advertised and it's nice to have a backup.

Eddi Haskell 29/10/2018

I received it before the actual delivery date. Very happy with this purchase.

Christina Barton 22/10/2018

Works great and great value!

David White 10/10/2018

Fast shipping. Works great.

Libby Hsiao 17/09/2018

Fits and charges quickly.

Dianna Kornblum 09/09/2018

Perfect factory replacement and backup

Rae Harvey 03/09/2018

Works perfectly... exact duplicate of my original. Now I have one for work and one for home.

Sandra Farrar 13/08/2018

Serves the purpose. Reasonable price.

Susan Ventura 06/08/2018

It's the perfect replacement and much cheaper in cost.

Baker McFlinty 27/07/2018

I appreciate being able to get this for a reasonable price and fast shipper.